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Relatore, which in "Italian" means "spokesperson," refers to how we assist you in making connections with opportunities and finding solutions to your issues.

Relatore was founded in the year 2020 by Mr. Santhosh Pillai, a Health Informatics expert, and Ms. Gopika Varma, a Data Scientist. The Hospital administration software, developed by the team set the path for the establishment of Relatore. and eventually, Relatore evolved to become an all-in-one resource for the healthcare industry.

The highly adept and resourceful team at Relatore, guided by the most senior healthcare experts in the industry is our strongest pillar. With the ideal combination of successful academic achievements and highly coveted hands-on expertise in the healthcare industry, we can fuse your demands with our technical experience to help you achieve your goals.

Within just 2 years of inception, we have completed more than 10 national and international projects. Our intuitive approach to solving the problems of our clients has placed us as one of the most cherished healthcare consulting companies in India and the UAE.

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