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Best Clinic Management Software in India

The ultimate solution for streamlining your clinic's operations.

Medimate 247 - Clinic Management Software can help you to automate patient scheduling, billing, and medical records.

Thus, focus 100% on your core mission of providing quality healthcare.

Clinical Management

Maximize Your Revenue

Boost Employee Output

Meet Regulatory compliance

Improve Patient Experience

Integrate With Third-Party software


Appointment Scheduling

Allow patients to book appointments online or through the system's interface. The system then sends reminders to both the patient and the clinic staff to ensure that the appointment is kept.

Appointment Schedule

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Allow users to create, store, and share medical records electronically. This system can also help to automate the process of record keeping, making it easier for clinicians to access and update patient records.

Electronic Health Records EHR

Prescription Management

Create and manage prescriptions for patients and select the medications, dosages, and frequencies for each prescription.

Prescription Management

Billing and Insurance Claims

Enable billing and insurance claims by providing a platform for managing patient records, scheduling appointments and processing payments.

Billing and Insurance Claims

Reporting and Analytics

Use reports to track trends, identify areas for improvement, and make decisions about how to improve the clinic's operations.

Reporting and Analytics