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Pharmacy Management Software

The 'Pro' way to manage your pharmacy.

Pharmamate now track inventory, manage orders, and keep track of patient records in the subtlest way with the most advanced yet simple-to-use Pharmacy Management Software.

Pharmacy Management Software

Our Features

Manage inventory and stock levels

Ensure that your pharmacy has enough supplies on hand to meet the needs of your customers.


Generate reports on sales, inventory, and profits. This information can help your pharmacy make informed decisions to improve your business.

Central Location for all data.

Manage all financial data from a central location. This can make it easier to track payments and financial data, as well as to process payments quickly and efficiently.

External Integration.

Integrate with other applications to make life a bit easier, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, Inventory Management Systems, and Patient Financial Records Systems. Etc.


  • 1
    Mobile App

    With real-time alerts on bill edits, zero stock, and daily business summary, you can fully control your business from your fingertips.

  • 2
    Omnichannel Support

    Let your customers connect with you through the phone line, email, chat, or even a social media platform.

  • 3
    Order Online

    Allow customers to place orders for medications and other products online. This can be a convenient way for customers to order medications and deliver them to their door.

  • 4
    Drugs Index

    The Drugs Index feature is a tool that allows pharmacists to keep track of the drugs they have in stock. This feature allows you to search for a particular drug by name, brand, or generic name.

  • 5
    Expiry return

    Ensure that drugs are returned to the correct supplier when expired and that they are not expired when they are dispensed to patients.

  • 6
    Order Management System

    Purchase the right goods at the right time, at the right price and from the right place using a completely digital system.