Empowering Future Healthcare Leaders: MediMate247 Launches Medical Coding Training Institute in Trivandrum, Kerala


In a significant stride towards bridging the gap between education and industry demand, Relatore Solutions proudly presents MediMate247 – a pioneering venture set to revolutionize medical coding training in Trivandrum, Kerala. This groundbreaking initiative aims to empower a diverse range of individuals, from school and college students to healthcare professionals and medical aspirants, by offering cutting-edge training programs that promise hands-on experience, job-oriented learning, and unwavering support in achieving the coveted CPC certification.

Unveiling MediMate247: A Gateway to Success

MediMate247 by Relatore Solutions is not just another medical coding training institute; it’s a transformative platform designed to nurture the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. With a comprehensive suite of meticulously crafted courses, MediMate247 caters to various segments of the population, making medical coding education accessible to all who seek it.

  1. School and College Students: Recognizing the potential of young minds, MediMate247 offers specially curated courses for school and college students. These courses introduce them to the fascinating world of medical coding, instilling in them a strong foundation and igniting a passion for precision in healthcare documentation.
  2. Healthcare Professionals: For those already in the healthcare field, MediMate247 provides an opportunity to upskill and enhance their career prospects. Through advanced training modules, experienced healthcare practitioners can gain expertise in medical coding, enabling them to contribute more effectively to patient care and administrative processes.
  3. Medical Students: Aspiring doctors and medical students can also benefit immensely from MediMate247’s training programs. By understanding the nuances of medical coding, these students can develop a holistic perspective on healthcare management and contribute to streamlined operations in future medical practices.

Key Features of MediMate247’s Training Programs

  1. Cutting-edge Training: At the core of MediMate247’s approach lies a commitment to delivering cutting-edge training. The institute employs industry experts and experienced instructors to provide up-to-date knowledge and insights into medical coding practices.
  2. Hands-on Experience: Theory is valuable, but practical experience is invaluable. MediMate247 offers hands-on training that allows participants to engage with real-world scenarios, preparing them for the challenges and intricacies of medical coding in a dynamic healthcare landscape.
  3. 100% Job-Oriented Training: One of the most compelling aspects of MediMate247 is its unwavering dedication to job-oriented training. The courses are meticulously designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge demanded by the industry, ensuring a seamless transition from training to professional practice.
  4. Placement Assistance for CPC Exam: MediMate247 understands the significance of the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam. With expert guidance and comprehensive preparation, participants are well-prepared to ace the CPC exam and embark on a successful medical coding career.
  5. CPC Crash Course: For those looking for an intensive and focused approach to CPC exam preparation, the institute offers a CPC crash course. This concentrated program covers essential topics and exam strategies to boost confidence and readiness for the certification.
  6. Diploma in Medical Coding: MediMate247 offers a comprehensive diploma program that provides an in-depth understanding of medical coding practices, regulations, and guidelines. This diploma serves as a testament to a participant’s expertise and commitment to the field.
  7. Recording Classes and Internship Training: To enhance the learning experience, MediMate247 provides recording classes for review and reinforcement. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to undergo internship training, gaining practical exposure in real healthcare settings.


MediMate247 by Relatore Solutions is a beacon of educational innovation in Trivandrum, Kerala. With its inclusive approach, hands-on training, and unwavering commitment to excellence, the institute promises to reshape the landscape of medical coding education. By catering to school and college students, healthcare professionals, and medical students, MediMate247 ensures that the future healthcare leaders of Trivandrum are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and determination to thrive in the dynamic world of medical coding.

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